About us

Jacob's Wish, is an organization that specializes in random acts of kindness to families of sick children. Jacob's life was about loving and gifting people around him. He went through 97 surgeries in his short life. His mother, Soula, is carry on Jacob's Wish of helping bring happiness to people, particularly, families of sick children. Jacob's Wish collects gifts to help reach out and bring hope and happiness.

Financial gifts are used to help families of sick children. Some of the items that are needed are:

- To refill all of the special treasure boxes we started for the Stollery. These boxes are filled with toys and surprises that are brought to the kids at appointments, or in the hospital when they have to receive needles, medications, scans, or have other scary procedures done. These boxes have been a huge success for us already, and go a long way for providing comfort for the children.

- To purchase iPads for the kids that are stuck living everyday in the hospital and are unable to get out of bed.

- To purchase more star light machines and water light machines that are great for all critically ill and sensory kids, (these run from 200-450 dollars each,) but are an amazing calming, stress reducing light that help the kids and the whole family during restless nights in the hospital.

- To purchase grocery gift cards for families struggling financially while in the hospital, as many of them are out of work for long periods of time to be with their child.

- To purchase a few special items for PICU such as new DVD players and movies for very sick kids as there are no TVs at the bed sides.