It’s a new year. That time where we try to follow thru with the new challenges & ideas we have..or to try to make up for the ones we didn't quite get to last year. Nonetheless...we all have new dreams, new prospects..a new kind of something to each of us. But with all the new..the one thing that we carry that is old...are memories. Memories of the ones we lost last year, 3 years ago, 10 years ago..or just lost so long ago that it still feels like yesterday. Although its exciting to get our kids back in the school spirit and out of the house...keep in mind the ones who haven't left their bed at the hospital or even at home. There are just endless stories all around the world of kids who are fighting the everyday battle or the kids that are the angels above us.

So just take a moment when it seems the days seem shorter and there is just so much to get done...homework, laundry, supper, walking the dog, bathtime, snack-time, playtime, listening to your child read a book, and lastly...bedtime with kisses to the forehead and off to dreamland. Its those times that any parent who doesn't have that anymore would give up anything to have one more day.So many moments, that all of us may take for granted...but tomorrow is not a guarantee for any of us.

EMBRACE THE and now..

That Is JACOB'S WISH FOR YOU...2017.